Miranda Mirianashvili

It's about music

It's about life

It's about love

It's about music

It's about life

It's about love


Miranda - there is much more to this sound, than just mrs. Mirianashvili’s name. Miranda - is a lifestyle, a way of perception. She is a prism, which makes you see things, people, and deeds in a completly new way, they obtain new taste and start to sound special.

“Singing” is quite a poor word to explain the emotional revelation, which thrusts upon you, when she starts singing. That experience could not fit in such a poor word as a “Genre”. Its about time, though not sensitive to it.

Music, theatre, movies, dancing, praying, confession and faith… That is the way Miranda sets your eyes and inner self to see the world as a much better place than it is. And the language is not important here, the value is much deeper.

Miranda is singing with entire of her body, using all of her experience as an arsenal - All movies watched, all books read, all fragrances worn and all the dishes she cooked. She stands before singing or the music. She is life itself. Singing is her way to live, and when you listen to it, you exist alongside her.

“Music could not exist without sound, though sound can exist alone. Sound is what really matters”

Dzhachinto Shelsi

Teresa Mavica — Italian Curator, Director of the “Victoria — the art of being modern» Foundation.​

When we think about Miranda, the first thought that come to our mind is a long-standing cultural tradition of the grand singers of Georgia, the tradition of passionate, emotionally charged timeless performance.

Miranda as a singer not only follow eternity of Georgian songs but expanded it into international cultural heritage.

The magic of her performance is breathtaking.

Emilia and Ilya Kabakov — creators of the genre of "total installation" and the authors, included among the most famous contemporary international artists.​

The fairies brought Miranda a plethora of talents in a basket: beauty (being beautiful and a queen is a gift), a diva’s voice (when she sings, her soul expresses itself), a soul capable of sharing within itself the problems of all her countless friends, whom she’s always ready to help, and finally, the ability to turn life into a party, a party for all her close friends and complete strangers alike. Where Miranda is, there’s a party, and happiness, and the human warmth she radiates, like the sun come down to earth. Through an amazing effort, unnoticed by those around her, Miranda multiplied the talents given to her by God and nature, turning life itself into art, making it a daily performance we’re all drawn to like a magnet, all those of us who know her well and anyone meeting her for the first time. Miranda is an actress who plays the scene of life in every personal scenario, and to be involved in it, even tangentially, is happiness.

Olga Sviblova — Soviet and Russian art critic, documentary filmmaker, doctor of art criticism, and professor. She is the director of the Multimedia Art Museum. She is an academician of the Russian Academy of Arts and an Honored Artist of Russia. She’s also a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The phenomenon of this super talented woman should be seen and heard by audiences around the world. Unlimited fantasy can be found in the sound, the movements, in her eyes. The range of improvisation, dramatic actor’s input, the variegated palate and nuances in her voice, starting with her rare chest voice, “black-dark Voice”… and ending with her crystal clear pianissimo… She’s a singer, and artist without limitations, no walls. Her raw talent can’t be contained or put in a box. She’s just as brilliant with passionate gypsy songs and soul-piercing Russian romances as she is with expressive Italian arias, or exquisite French chansons. For the Spanish, she is “our” Spanish woman, for Russians, “our own” Russian, and for the French, “our wild Femme Fatale.” She’s a singer who possesses the unique ability to be for each nationality “our own.” This woman is Carmen; this woman is Esmeralda; this woman is Rada. This woman is “fiery talent,” or simply, Woman. She’s one of a kind, and in her uniqueness, worthy to conquer the leading stages of the world, since nowadays, among so many superbly sparkling, vapid stars with nothing to say... There are few real, deep-thinking natures, talents, singers with personality, and Miranda Mirianashvili is one of them.

Tamar Iveri — Georgian opera singer

Miranda Mirianashvili doesn’t sing just with her voice, she pours her entire soul and heart into every word.And effect, it’s emotional profound, the music which opens your heart.

Marina Abramovic - Serbian master of performance.

Even when Miranda sings in Russian or Spanish, you can hear the great Georgian vocal tradition most prevalently: the strength, the character, the passion. For me, Miranda is the voice of Georgia itself.

Leonid Parfenov (Journalist and television host)

In all the world, we seek in singers exactly those rare qualities and gifts that God has so graciously given you.

Peter Mario Katona (Casting Director of the London Royal Opera at Covent Garden)

Miranda’s singing is driving you away. Not to the future, nor to the past, but to your personal well-known and magical place, where you obtain happiness. Due to happiness is private, it seems that Miranda is singing personally for you. Though for everyone. This says it all.

Vladimir Pozner (Journalist)


November, 12, 2018

at 8 p.m.

Théâtre de l'Athénée
7 rue Boudreau

75009 Paris, France








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